Ip Address

What is IP Address

Unlock the mystery of the digital world as we delve into ‘What is an IP Address’, the unique identifier that keeps the internet organized and secure. Embark on this enlightening journey to understand its types, functioning, and importance.

what is aws vpc

What is VPC and how to create VPC

Learn about Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), its purpose in AWS, and how to create a VPC. Discover the differences between default and custom VPCs, along with essential components like public and private subnets, implied routers, and internet gateways

vpc peering

What is VPC Peering

What you should know already to understand VPC Peering What if VPC Peering not there If VPC1 wants to talk to VPC2 but it has no way to communicate which means Neither these VPCs are connected to internet Nor Peering is implemented then it will look something like this. Vice versa is also true. If […]

vpc peering

VPC Peering Procedure

We need three steps to perform to create and implement VPC Peering Here we will cover the Intra-Account VPC Peering scenario. We have two VPCs App-VPC and RDS-VPC, which want to communicate to each other. Create a VPC Peering connection (OR VPC Peering Procedure) To create a VPC Peering connection you need to go to […]