How to do Subnetting

Logical division of IP addresses inside network is subnetting or we can say, The process of giving host bits to network is subnetting. We already know that only a limited number of ipv4 addresses are available. We need to use these ipv4 addresses wisely and there are three ways for it. Private IPs IPv6 SubnettingSo […]

The “What is Subnetting” Article of Your Dreams

We are going to start getting into subnetting. But before I actually start describing you what is, how to, something that we need to tell you a few bits of information, to kind of help you understand what in the world you’re doing. Because one of the things that happened to me when I was […]

Convert IP Address from Decimal to Binary

In this article we are going to learn how to convert IP Address from Decimal to binary format. We already know that IP Address is a 32 bit logical address which is divided in 4 octets. We call each part an octet as it contains 8 binary digits or 8 bits. If you want to […]

What is IP Address

IP address is a unique address which is given to each device that is present in any network. But before going to IP Addresses we need to understand what an address is and then I think we should be able to understand clearly. We can divide addresses (Not IP Address) in two parts: – Physical […]


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