A Start-To-Finish Guide to “What is Route 53 in Aws”

What is Route53 in aws Amazon route 53 is a DNS/Registrar service provided by Amazon. A DNS in general is a system that translates your domain names into IP addresses. It’s a collection of rules and records that will basically help client (example: browser) understand how to reach a server through URLs. So it’s routing […]

What is VPC and how to create VPC

VPC stands for Virtual Private cloud, is a Virtual network which is associated with the AWS account in which you can create AWS resources like EC2 instances or Databases. In this article we are going to understand What is VPC and how to create VPC Take a pause here…and think…. before going to VPC do […]

What is VPC Peering

VPC Peering or Virtual Private Cloud Peering in AWS is a connection between two/{or more} VPCs which allows the resources of one VPC to communicate with the resources of other VPC without using internet. It enables the traffic to be routed privately inside an AWS network. Which also means the instances in these VPCs does […]

VPC Peering Procedure

I believe till now you have understanding of what VPC peering is and why we should do it. Now moving ahead we will go through VPC Peering Procedure. We need three steps to perform to create and implement VPC Peering First step is to create a VPC Peering connection Second step is to accept the […]


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