How to do Subnetting

We want to assign two IPs and in two different sub-networks. We know that every interface of router must have a different network, which means every interface of router should have a different network ID. Now we can see in the above picture that we have given two different IPs to two different … Read more

Convert IP Address from Decimal to Binary

Power of 2 (PO2) method to convert IP Address from Decimal to Binary format In this method we need to make a table first which would look like this When we look into the PO2 diagram below we see that we have 8 digits or 8 bits and these 8 bits make one octet. Convert … Read more

What is IP Address

IP address is a unique address which is given to each device that is present in any network. But before going to IP Addresses we need to understand what an address is and then I think we should be able to understand clearly. Physical address Physical address is MAC address or Media Access Control address … Read more

What is VPC and how to create VPC

Take a pause here…and think…. before going to VPC do we know what a private cloud is? What is private cloud Private cloud is a network of a company or an organisation where the company says that I don’t trust that I should Store my data in a third party data centre. Then what a … Read more