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Master the basics of Docker and Containerization in just 5 minutes | What is Docker

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Docker is a containerization platform that provides a simple way to build, package, and distribute software applications as lightweight, portable, and self-sufficient containers. These containers allow developers to isolate their applications from the underlying infrastructure and dependencies, making it easier to deploy and manage applications across different environments.

A Start-To-Finish Guide to “What is Route 53 in Aws”

What is Route53 in aws Functions of Route53 DNS Management Domain Registrar Health monitoring Deciding Routing Policies Records in Route 53 Any Hosted zone contains NS records, SOA, ANAME Record, AAAA record, CNAME Record, MX Record.

How to do Subnetting

We want to assign two IPs and in two different sub-networks. We know that every interface of router must have a different network, which means every interface of router should have a different network ID. Now we can see in the above picture that we have given two different IPs to two different […]

The “What is Subnetting” Article of Your Dreams

And the easiest way that I think that can explain this is considering, everybody’s ordered a pizza before and everybody’s had a pizza delivered to their house, or went and got a pizza somewhere. If you think about it when you purchase a pizza, you purchase one whole pizza. And when you open the box […]

Convert IP Address from Decimal to Binary

Power of 2 (PO2) method to convert IP Address from Decimal to Binary format In this method we need to make a table first which would look like this When we look into the PO2 diagram below we see that we have 8 digits or 8 bits and these 8 bits make one octet. Convert […]

What is IP Address

IP address is a unique address which is given to each device that is present in any network. But before going to IP Addresses we need to understand what an address is and then I think we should be able to understand clearly. Physical address Physical address is MAC address or Media Access Control address […]

What is VPC and how to create VPC

Take a pause here…and think…. before going to VPC do we know what a private cloud is? What is private cloud Private cloud is a network of a company or an organisation where the company says that I don’t trust that I should Store my data in a third party data centre. Then what a […]

What is VPC Peering

What you should know already to understand VPC Peering What if VPC Peering not there If VPC1 wants to talk to VPC2 but it has no way to communicate which means Neither these VPCs are connected to internet Nor Peering is implemented then it will look something like this. Vice versa is also true. If […]

VPC Peering Procedure

We need three steps to perform to create and implement VPC Peering First step is to create a VPC Peering connection Second step is to accept the Peering request Third step is to update the Routes in route tables of both the VPCs Here we will cover the Intra-Account VPC Peering scenario. We have two […]